openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo, Japan. I’m Coming!

Yesterday, on September 3rd. Mr. Fuminobu Takeyama has contacted me about my proposal in openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017. I’m so happy when I read the email my proposal was accepted with openSUSE.Asia Summit committees. Furthermore, my happiness didn’t stop there. Two out of my 3 proposals got a High Score! There are “Implement Active Directory Server […]

How To Integrate CBPolicyD in Mailborder

Intro A few days ago, I just implemented a Zimbra email server for a client.  My Client request for restricting that some of users cannot send or receive an email to/from the internet.  In this case, only important user can send and receive an email from/to internets, such as BOD, or Head Division. It can be applied […]

My First English Presentation

Okay, This story begin from when i get a course in LBPP LIA, you can read the story at here. So, to celebrate of 57th birthday, LIA will held a competition. One of them is “Giving a presentation“. On August 23th LIA Harapan Indah announcing that the competition will be held on Wednesday, August 31th […]