Automate Your Stopped Zimbra CBPolicyD Service

Every day, i work with email servers. Maintain them and make sure they are running well. As a Zimbra Administrator, i can't hope the email server running well every day. And they are stable continuously. Every administrator definitely have an experience that the services are stopped working. And it's annoying. One of the problem when … Continue reading Automate Your Stopped Zimbra CBPolicyD Service

How To Integrate CBPolicyD in Mailborder

Intro A few days ago, I just implemented a Zimbra email server for a client.  My Client request for restricting that some of users cannot send or receive an email to/from the internet.  In this case, only important user can send and receive an email from/to internets, such as BOD, or Head Division. It can be applied … Continue reading How To Integrate CBPolicyD in Mailborder

Implementasi CBPolicyD pada Mailborder

Intro Beberapa waktu lalu ketika melakukan pekerjaan untuk implementasi email server di salah satu klien, klien tersebut meminta agar tidak semua user dapat kirim dan terima dari luar (internet), dalam hal ini hanya user tertentu saja yang dapat mengirim dan menerima email dari luar. Cara tersebut bisa dilakukan di Zimbra Email Server dengan menggunakan AddOn tambahan … Continue reading Implementasi CBPolicyD pada Mailborder