openSUSE Asia Summit was over 2 weeks ago, but i can still feel the euphoria of the summit. It’s unforgettable for me. I am one of the people who interested when Dr. Takeyama-san announcing the next Asia Summit will be held in Japan. I think i should go there. Yeah, i should go abroad!

So, i prepared all of i needed for the summit after it’s announced. I started to make a passport, visa, book a ticket, and ask for permission from my boss 😀 and the most important is the material of my talk. Last years, i have specified my talk is “Using Active Directory for Single Sign-On Login using openSUSE” for openSUSE Asia Summit Japan. but in the middle of 2017. I think docker still booming at the time and so many Japan Engineers interested with docker. So, i decided to make a 2 proposal those are “Active Directory” and about “Docker Registry“.

I am so happy when the papers for Asia Summit announced, two of my proposal are got a high score, but i must choose one of the proposals. So,  i decided to choose a Docker Registry (Portus) as My Proposal, and i bring a “Have Fun Claim Control Your Docker Images with Portus“.

Before the summit, i tried to bring my talk for the summit on openSUSE Release Party 42.3 in Bojong. you can see the report here: I tried to improve my presentation for the summit in order to not disappoint the audience or committee.


And the time goes on approaching Summit. I went to Japan on October 19th. I just work half a day in PT. Excellent Infotama Kreasindo. Ask for advice from boss Vavai and said a goodbye to my friends in the office.  After that, i go to home to take my luggage and go to the airport with my special people using Damri (bus to the airport in Indonesia) :-D.

This is my first international speech and journey. Last year, in openSUSE Asia Summit 2016, Yogyakarta. I just become a volunteer and this year, I tried to encourage myself to be a speaker in openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 and go abroad.

I have the same flight with my friends from openSUSE Indonesia. Kakek Yan Arief, Pak Andi Sugandi, Tonny Sabastian and Umul using GA874, it’s take off at 23.35 WIT and arrive in Tokyo on 08.35. It’s faster 2 hours than Indonesia. I was worried about the Typhoon. But luckily, my flight went well and came in Tokyo on time. :-).

Arrived at Tokyo, Yeay!

After arriving at Haneda International Airport, i bought a Pasmo Card for the Accessing Tokyo train, it’s very simple than bought single trip ticket :-D. It’s spending 2000¥. 500¥ for deposit and 1500¥ for balance. Then, i went to the Airbnb House with Umul to joins with my friends from Indonesia who came first from us in near of Hachimanyama Station.

October 20th: Speaker Party!

After arriving at the guest house in near of Hachimanyama Station, I and Umul didn’t have to take a rest because my friends invite me went to Fujiko. F. Fujio Museum and after it, we went straight to the speaker party. So, with a sleepy face, i and Umul go to the museum by train, exit at Noborito station and Walk about 20 minutes to get to the destination. Maybe in Indonesia, i give up because the weather is so hot haha :D.

For some reason, i didn’t feel tired when walking about 20 minutes. The weather in Japan is good and it’s a heaven for pedestrian, i really love it!

After walking about 20 Minutes. Finally, I and my friends arrived at the Museum until 04.00 PM. We really enjoy looking around at the museum. In the main hall we didn’t have to take a picture but in the upstairs, we take a many photos 😀 (Indonesian Things).

Finally, i can take a photo one of my favorite cartoon characters, Doraemon!

Okay, after having a lot of fun at the museum. We went to the speaker party. Yeah, this is the first moment we met each other before we take a summit party tomorrow. We went to the UEC by train from Noborito Station and exit in the Chofu Station. It takes about 1 hour.

Evidently, we got ahead of the others (exclude committee).At the party, we have a lot of fun again. Enjoying the food, talk with each other from another country. This is a rare moment i can’t get on Indonesia 😀 and it’s improving my English.

I met an another Indonesia speakers, Mr. Edwin, and Estu and i met Dr. Takeyama-san, Hato-chan, Mrs. Sunny, Ben Chou, Max Lin, and Zhao Qiang who also joining last openSUSE Asia Summit on Yogyakarta. I met many great people here. I also met Richard Brown (Chairman of openSUSE), Ludwig Nussel, Andreas, Ana and many other from SUSE/openSUSE and i met with LibreOffice people, Naruhiko Ogasawara, Shinju Enoki, Mohamed Trabelsi, Aschalew Arega and etc. What’s a great moment!

After this, i ask to Dr. Takeyama-san to take a picture together before we return to the lodge :

openSUSE Asia Summit Speakers at the Party


After this, finally. I can take a rest for tomorrow at the lodging. Tomorrow will be a big day for me, i will present my talk :-).

October 21th: openSUSE Asia Summit Day 1

The first-day summit is the day where I will present my talk. I arrived at UEC on 09.00 AM then watch an opening for openSUSE Asia Summit by Dr. Takeyama-san. My talk present on 02.30 PM. At the day i feel anxious, nervous and much more. I worried about my English because it is not good :-D. After lunch, finally, i present my talk and…

Oh my god, Richard Brown attend to my class and I’m really nervous hahaha. Seriously!

In the QA sessions, i have a question from Richard about Kubic and Sakana Max about bug and portus installation.

I have prepared a gift (openSUSE-ID Tshirt) for the lucky one who asked on my talk. But the size doesn’t match with them :-D. Finally, Youngbin Han from Korea ask me and he got limited openSUSE ID Tshirt. But, the size also doesn’t match with him, but he will give it to his friend.

Youngbin Han from Korea

Thank you, god. I have completed my session :-). I realized my English still not good. But, i will enhance it for the next openSUSE Asia Summit :-).

After my session, i go to Richard Brown. We talk about openSUSE and Indonesia. It’s an honor for me can meet and speak with openSUSE Chairman. He’s a good man, i really enjoy speaks with him, and we take a photo and selfie together :D.


Photo Session with Richard Brown after QA Session

After this, i went to another class to take a photo for documentation. i also attend to the great session, i attending to Om Edwin session, Mrs. Sunny. This is my favorite session because it’s present about how we can contribute in open source. Those are enhancing my spirit to contribute :-).

How To Encourage Community by Edwin Zakaria

Open Source is an option of life by Mrs. Sunny

Our fun is not stopped here, after Summit Day 1, we have a party again in UEC restaurant until 9 PM. And we back to the lodge at 11 PM.

Summit Day 1 Party

October 22th: openSUSE Asia Summit Day 2

At the Second days of the summit, i feel peaceful because i have complete my talk. This day, i walking in the around area of openSUSE Asia Summit to take a photo and documentation. I also come to learn about Libre Office and openSUSE. i attending Sendy, Kake Yan, Pak Moko, Pak Ary, Simon Lees, Mrs. Ana and etc.

Photo Session on openSUSE Asia Summit 2017

Yeah, finally i hold geeko on photo session :D.

October 23th: openSUSE Asia Summit One Day Tour

This is the third days of the summit, i and another speaker and committee take a one day tour. We met at Hinode Pier and go together to Asakusa (Sensoji-Temple) by Train.

Strong wind make our hair fly 😀

After it, we lunch in Naritaya Halal Ramen and go again to Tokyo Skytree. This is the higher place i ever visit, i can see Tokyo from 350 m high. Oh my god.


Take a photo on Skytree Deck

After Skytree, we move to Akihabara using Bus and take the train from Ueno Station. We arrived at Akihabara at 7:00 PM. And said goodbye to each other.

Thank You to …

I have a lot of fun, i can’t describe it. I really happy can be a part of openSUSE Asia Summit. Thank you to openSUSE for Travel Support Program, openSUSE Asia Summit committee for great hard works, all of you do a great job, really appreciated. Om Edwin Zakaria to make it happens, Pak Boss Vavai for great advice and help. My Parents because always supporting me. PT Excellent Infotama Kreasindo, openSUSE Indonesia, GLiB,  and much more. You’re awesome.


Photo from openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 Flickr Group: Thanks to great all photographers, Om Edwin, Kakek Yan Arief,  Takeyama-san, Hisa_X, Tonny, Richard Brown, and etc.

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