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openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 was over, there are many experience that i have. openSUSE Asia Summit is the first time i have contribute to FOSS event and i am very happy can be volunteer at this event and i have many new friend from openSUSE Asia Summit. So i want to tell you about my story at this event last week . But i’m sorry if my english bad 😀

Pre openSUSE Asia Summit 2016

June 6th, Mr. Edwin Zakaria post in Facebook group “Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia” via article. that Manu Gupta was announced openSUSE Asia Summit will held in Indonesia this years. And Mr Edwin said, there are may ways to join for contributing to this event. On of them, you can be a Local team and i said to myself :

i am openSUSE user since 2014, and i’m never get a contribution to openSUSE. So, from this even i hope to got a chance to get a contribution. because i want to get a new experience

and i asked to him how can i be a local team :


That mean, no requirement to be a Local Team, and then i sent email to Mr Estu Fardani that i want to join for help them to be a local team.  Alhamdulillah, Mr Estu accept me to be a localteam.


From email, Mr. Estu invites me to telegram group to coordinating about the task.  But in the local team my contribution is not much. Because I came from another planet (Bekasi) while the event held in Yogyakarta. In the Local team, my job is working behind the scene like make an article about openSUSE Asia Summit 2016, press release and about promoting openSUSE Asia Summit. When the local team has a meeting in Jogja, I can’t attend it because is too far from my home. So, I felt i am not worked as local team but just a volunteer, but I join too early before calling for volunteer 😀

My article has been published in :

There are many tasks from Pak Estu I have completed but I don’t know how it can be useful for this event.

As a volunteer, I decided to go to Jogja before workshop begin. I leave Bekasi on 29 September and went to Jogja by Train. I leave Bekasi first from Team Excellent. I went to Jogja on September 29 alone, but a miracle come to me. I met Mr. Ahmad Haris and GLiB. Oh my god…, I met many openSUSE Asia Summit speakers, Mas Moko, Mas Saputro Aryuliantoro, Mr. Levay, Mrs. Umul Sidiqoh, Dendy Putra Delly, Irfan Pule and etc. So I am not alone anymore.


At the train, I get a conversation with Mr. Ahmad Haris and Mr. Salman at the dining car. we talk many topics at here. From 12 PM until the train arrived at Jogja :-D.

When the train arrived in Jogja, I didn’t get a hotel/motel to sleep. Alhamdulillah, Mr. Ahmad Haris ask me to join with him at fave hotel. I join with Mas Moko because Mr. Kukuh has not went to Jogja today. So, in the hotel I prepare anything for a workshop tomorrow, I have a task to create an opening material for Dekan from Pak Estu, but the material not continued.

Thank you, Mr. Haris and GLiB :-D. I am not a homeless in Jogja 😀

Day 1: Workshop

After i ask for leave to GLiB, i went to UIN Sunan Kalijaga on September 30. I met KSL Kusuka and Mr. Estu and I’m happy because i have a new friend. I prepare for direction with Mbak Nisa.

Workshop starts at 9 o’clock. I have a task from Mr. Estu and Mbak Siska to coordinate this workshop and posting every moment on this workshop at Facebook and Twitter :-D.

This is some moment on the workshop :


Mr. Estu Fardani with SUSE 😀


Mr. Utian Ayuba with his workshop

And workshop closed at 5 PM, but the Mr. Estu workshop unfinished because the room just booked until 5 pm. So we ended this workshop with photo session


Image from openSUSE Asia Summit Flickr

Day 2: Conference 1

This is a first-day openSUSE Asia Summit conference. Beforehand, the workshop only provides 40 participants. But to this day, total participants are more than yesterday, is 470 participants. I am shocked when Indonesian national anthem was sung, the participant was a very enthusiast.

In this day, I busied myself. Take a photo for documentation, posting on Facebook and Twitter, be a runner, helper and make sure every class goes well. In this day I am excited with mbak elva, mbak siska. because she can speak English very well. They are a great woman.

Mbak Elva as a Master of Ceremony openSUSE Asia Summit

After coffee break, we are took a photo session. And It’s amazing :

Then, the event continuied with class, lighting talk and etc. But in this day, my favorite session is when Mrs Sunny (QA Manager SUSE) gave a presentation “Romance with Open Source“. It’s make me “BAPER” haha


Me with Mrs Sunny 😀

And i took photo again with openSUSE Asia Summit Team :

First day was ended, and i got an invitation from Mr. Estu in Bale Indah. In Bale endah we eat Gurame and some other food from Jogja, it’s delicious.

In Bale Indah I am with Hatochan from Japan, and i talk many topics about Japan and Indonesia and we take a selfie together:


Haha, the conversation is so funny and don’t get a tired this day. And i back to the guest house with my office friend with my team (Team PT Excellent).

Day 2: Conference 2

And then at the second day, the participant still enthusiast with the events. i get a task to be an operator at the main hall. Oh my god, i am very happy, man. Because my laptop was useful in openSUSE Asia Summit 2016. lalalalaaaaa….

As usual, while i operating in main hall i post every event at openSUSE Asia Summit day 2 in Facebook fans page and twitter. Because my shoes are not good on this day. My favorite moment is Mr. Ahmad Haris Session. I get a lesson about how to contribute to FOSS Project. It make me sure to contribute for SUSE or FOSS project. But, i didn’t get a shoes from Mr Haris when question session haha.

And after the coffee break we took a photo together again :


And after that, we took a photo with Local Team and volunteer. That’s was great!

And day2 was ended. Our exhausted has gone like didn’t happen anything.


In this event, i got many experiences like how to managing an event. Big thanks, i must be said to Local Team and Volunteer who help us to make this event amazing. Thank you to Mr. Estu Fardani, Mbak Siska Iskandar for the experience. Thanks for My Boss, Mr. Masim Vavai Sugianto for supporting me to be a volunteer at this event. I am very glad and proud to be a part of openSUSE Asia Summit 2016.

Maybe This year I just be a Volunteer on openSUSE Asia Summit, but next years I will be a speaker on openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 in Japan.

See you in Next Years!

Dhenandi Putra

Hi, I'm dhenandi, Mac and openSUSE user. An office boy, typist, and man behind this blog. I also write on another blog in Bahasa Indonesia.


Sendy · October 13, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Thank you Dhenandi for helping us!

Did you put back the mic to first floor? ?

    Dhenandi Putra · October 13, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    Haha, you remember it
    Of course mas, i give it to operator 😀

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