Okay, This story begin from when i get a course in LBPP LIA, you can read the story at here.

So, to celebrate of 57th birthday, LIA will held a competition. One of them is “Giving a presentation“. On August 23th LIA Harapan Indah announcing that the competition will be held on Wednesday, August 31th 2016.

My teacher suggest to our class for joining the competition, but no one of them want to join the competition. And then my heart says

This is your opportunity to exercise your English dhen!, Don’t expect to a victory, it’s important for you because you never join a english competition. It can be your experience“.

And then i raise my hand to my teacher that i want to join the competition. I don’t care about what will happen next to me, the important i was bracing myself to joining the competition.

So, the theme for the competition is “Your Success Story“. Oh my god, i never get a success story. What the story i will give to the audience?. after class is over i come to my teacher to ask what the story i will give. My teacher said “Success story is not only you have a good job. For example, previously you always wake up late and then now you can wake up early every morning“.  Wow, this is a true story from me. Okay and i get the theme for my presentation.

I just have one week to create and prepare for my presentation. Actually, i don’t have a time for create a presentation so while i working i had opportunity to create it. But sometimes i became less focused.

On Friday, I have finished create the words what i will give in my presentation but, in Bahasa. Oh my god, 4 days remaining but i haven’t translate it to English. I want to translate it at Saturday, but i must go to Bandung to get a vacation :-D.

Then, On Sunday after i return from Bandung i go to my teacher home and i prepare everything i need for my presentation with my teacher like Translate my words to English and make a slide for presentation.

Actually, i’m not sure about my material because it doesn’t look exciting, but i don’t care :-D. So my material like this :

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb, Good evening, Honorable all LIA teachers and my beloved friends. Thank you very much for  giving me a chance to share my story here, and I am proud to be here right now and thanks to Mr Mujib to help me preparing anything I need for this event.

First of all, let me introduce myself, My Name is Muhammad Dhenandi Putra, you can call me nandi. I’m  18 years old, I work as IT Staff at IT Consultant Company, PT Excellent Infotama Kreasindo. If you want to know me more, I have a blog at https://dhenandi.com in english or http://dhenandi.web.id in bahasa or you can contact me at fb, wa, telegram or etc.

So, I want to share my experience. I wonder what I have done in my life. I am still young, I don’t have a success story in my life because as far as I know, There are many people who get their success when they are 24 or 25. Most of people are considered as successful if they can finish their study in university, get a good job or career, or they can have much money. And now , I am not one of them yet.

I think, I have different meaning of being successful. For me being successful is “Improving our skill for being better”. And I want to share about my success story based on my own definition.

So, My story is about waking up early. Why i choose waking up early?, What is the effect of waking up early for me? How I try to wake up early? And how long I need to wake up early?

I Have been working for 1 year in the company I have mentioned before. I work at 8 am and go home at 5 pm. My home is not really far from my office. I can spend only 25 minutes from my house to my office. I usually wake up at 7.30 (seven thirty). Because of that, when I go to my office I must ride my motorcycle very fast because I don’t want to be late.

Sometimes, I wake up at 6 am to turn off the alarms then I sleep again. I always think “I’m still sleepy. Spending more minutes to sleep is ok” and that always happens every day.  I am shock when I wake up and find the time is already 7.30 am. I take a bath in very short time. And I wear my clothes without making sure that what  I wear is tidy enough.

Then, I go to my office by motorcycle with full speed, and It can endanger myself even other people. And when I arrive at office, I sometimes still feel sleepy. As the result, I cannot work well and my boss often gets angry with me. It happens every day.

Every friday, my boss holds a briefing with the team he is responsible for. During briefing my boss always talks to team abound a good mindset that everyone must have. He also talk about some habits that successful people, like steve jobs or bill gates, [gambar steve jobs and bill gates] usually do.

He said that one of good habbit, that we must do is waking up early, my boss said :

“If you wake up early into morning, you can be like steve jobs or bill gates. They are rich and great people. To be like them you need to do small thing like waking up early. When you wake up early you can have a fresh mind and it will help you to be more productive. Because you have a fresh mind, you can finish and enjoy your work.”

After that i realize that i am the opposite. I always wake up late. Than i ask to myself “How can i be successful if i cannot wake up early”. Then i promise to my self to change my habbit by waking up early every morning.

For the first time, it is not easy for me to wake up early, in 21 days i tried to wake up early by setting up the alarm in different times. At the first time, i wake up at 6am and then in another they i tried to wake up at 5am at the end i can wake up at 3am every morning.

One of my motivation to wake up at 3 in the morning is a girl that i want to be mine. So after i wake up at 3 i always ask to god to make my dream come true.

So it is not easy for me to wake up early at the beggining, there are some process that i have to do and some habits that i have to change.

  • The first is “Having Strong Intention”.  So i make a very strong intention to wake up early to improve my life quality.
  • The Second is “Going to bed earlier”. Beforehand, i usually sleep late than i believe that it is the cause of waking up late. So that i decide, to go to bed earlier to make mysself easier to wake up earlier. By waking up earlier i can feel fresher.
  • The third is “Setting up the alarm on my phone and waker clock”. Beforehand, i just set the alarm in my phone then i buy waker clock. Because sometimes the alarm on my phone doesn’t work well to wake me up, so i hope by using 2 tools i will wake up easier.
  • The Fourth, maybe this is the most extreme a way that i have, is by saying “how if i cannot wake up again?” Every time i want to sleep after i turn off the alarm.
  • The fifth is “taking a bath right after i wake up”. Even though my eyes are not easy to open yet. I force my self to bath room and take a bath. It makes me feel fresh and cold. So that i will not be sleepy anymore.

After i wake up i use the time very well, because as i know 3 am is a golden time. Why is it called as “Golden Time”.  Because the activities you do during this time will influence the activities you do the whole day. So i use the time to :

  • Pray Tahajud
  • Finish my work
  • Read a book
  • Pray Shubuh
  • Exercise
  • And make a plan for my work.

By using the golden time, i become more productive for my work and then i feel that i have more energy and more time to work, so i don’t need to be in hurry and it will make my self safer along the way to work.

So my conclution, waking up in the morning is not really hard to do, if you have strong willingness. Besides, it will make you feel fresher so that you can be productive and enjoy your work a whole day. So, use your time especially the golden time as well as possible to make your life better than before.

That’s all i can share with you today, i hope it will be useful and thank you for listening. Wassalamualaikum Wr.wb.

Well, after i arranged the sentence for my presentation i have 3 days for make a presentation slide and learning for it. I have been finish make a presentation at Monday. So, i just have 2 days again. I can’t practice my English because of work, i am on project on ministry of Indonesia. So, every after office i usually taking a time for practicing my presentation but just 1 day because Wednesday will be held.

So, Wednesday coming and i have not mastered my material, i feel anxious, nervous and Booom !. I get the first turn for presentation and i fell nervous more and more. So i said to myself “No Problem, experience more important, you can do it man !“.

My presentation was a mess because nervous, and i fell so shame to my teacher because i can’t do my best. After i get a presentation, another contestant gave the presentation too ,and their material is very good than me, and their presentation too. Oh my god, i am very shame.

But i will not give up, it is just beginning for me. If i can through this. I got more experience and i can giving a good presentation. Maybe someday, and i hope i can giving a presentation on openSUSE Asia Summit 2017 next year 🙂


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