Friday, August 10. I got info from my boss that our company invited to give a workshop presentation about Linux in one of the colleges in Bekasi. STMIK Bani Saleh Bekasi.

STMIK Bani Saleh Bekasi is the campus where I studying. Indeed, my campus has a relationship with our company. They are hosting their web and system in our company and we are a consultant for their infrastructure.  So they invite our company to give a presentation about Linux and open a booth to showing our product.

But the workshop will be held on the next day. What the hell, it’s really unexpectedly. I think. The problem is we have to create a presentation just on one night.

The main aim of this workshop is how to utilize VPN remote to site using PPTP on Linux and promoting STMIK Bani Saleh to Vocational High School students in Bekasi. VPN server is installed using Debian Linux. So, the first thing I guess. It’s Debian and technical workshop that have a student audience.

But, I’m an openSUSE user and openSUSE contributor on Indonesia. So, I ask them how if I bring openSUSE to my presentation in the middle of Debian workshop :-D.

They agree. So, I bring openSUSE and Open Source software for my workshop. I didn’t bring a technical workshop. I will tell a story to the audience how we can have a lot of fun using Open Source Software.

So, I explain to them How we can travel around the world because of Open Source Software. How we can get friends around the world because of it. And i focused the Open Source Software to openSUSE.

First, I introducing about openSUSE. How we can contribute to openSUSE, telling about openSUSE community and the summit, and many more.

one of my presentation slide in Bahasa

I just have a short time to present it. So, i did not have time to promote about Google Summer of Code.

But, We have a lot of fun at the workshop. Although it’s a Debian workshop. Because the world is not separate from what distro that we use.

Dhenandi Putra

Hi, I'm dhenandi, Mac and openSUSE user. An office boy, typist, and man behind this blog. I also write on another blog in Bahasa Indonesia.


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