By default, openSUSE KDE Print Screen Application was used by KSNAPSHOT. Not only openSUSE, but all Linux KDE desktop.

I often make some tutorials with some pictures. Actually, Ksnapshot is good enough for Print Screen Application, there are many Capture mode for capture your desktop. Like Full Screen Capture, Rectangular Region Capture, etc. But after they captured, it can’t edit the picture, I must open the third party application for editing the picture like GIMP or Inscape, and it’s wasting my time, eaaaaa. 😀

For alternate, I’m using Third Party Application from windows. The name is Lighshot. This apps can edit your capture result. and save to your lightshot cloud account. But, for Linux Distro’s, The apps can only running with WINE.

Because their apps using windows application format (exe). Of course you must installing wine on your openSUSE Leap.

For install Wine on your openSUSE Leap, type the following command :

zypper in wine

Okay, if yout Desktop have been installed wine. Download Lighshot Application here :

Click “Download For Windows“, and then Go to Download directory.

Right Click on the Downloaded Apps, and open With Wine. And Install with following the wizard.


After the apps have been installed.  You can see lighshot apps at KDE Menu | Wine |  Programs | Lighshot.


But, It’s not over. If you press “PrintScreen” on your keyboard, The default application is still in used by KSNAPSHOT. You can change it with the following guidance :

Click KDE Menu | WINE | Programs | Lighshot | and Right Click on Lighshot apps and Edit Application.


And then, Go to Application Tabs and copy the content of “Command” Fields.


Now, Go To KDE Menu | Settings | Configure Desktop | Shortcut.


On your left bar, choose Custom Shortcut | Expand Preset Action. Choose PrintScreen or you can create a new shortcut.

Go to Action Tab | and then paste the following Command into the field.


Finally, Apply configuration and try to press a “printscreen” button on your keyboard.  Okay, if you find any concern don’t hestitate to fill the following comment :-).

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