Yesterday, i got a project in one of the ministry of Indonesia. The project is to develop their email server’s. They using Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition with multi server scheme, i have been change their webmail logo but they complaint about mobile phone appearance because their email server still using zimbra logo.

I think it’s one of Zimbra Network Edition Features, the name is “Zimbra Touch Client“. In Zimbra OSE, if you Browse Zimbra Webmail with mobile or gadget, it will appear Webmail client login like in PC/Laptop, but if you use Zimbra Network Edition it will appear Zimbra Touch Client login look like this :


To change it you must replace logo “TouchLoginBanner@2x.png” with your own logos. You can find it at “/opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/skins/_base/logos/“, and remember don’t forget to change with zimbra owner.

chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/skins/_base/logos/TouchLoginBanner@2x.png

Okay, HTH 😀

Dhenandi Putra

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prokalenganatangwe · January 10, 2022 at 5:03 pm

How can I change the logo link/url?
Thanks in advance.

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