3 thoughts on “How To Block Email by Subject on Proxmox Mail Gateway

  1. Your article is very useful to me, great
    But I ask a question, value does not support other languages? For example, Japanese Chinese, etc.
    I don’t know what to do with it.

  2. Unfortunately, this rule doesn’t work in my case.

    PMG 5.1-3 version, tried to set the rule to deny and receieve any email from/to one particular address.

    I created a new rule In “Who objects”, let’s say “First rule”, than added the particular email there.

    Then added in “Mail Filter” a new rule where I selected Block for “First rule” with a priority 100 and made it active.

    Neveretheless, I still can receive and send any letters to/from this address.

    What shoud I do to make this rule worked?

    Thank you.

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