Have you ever feel why it’s so difficult to transfer a file to another pc/server?

Yes, it happened to me when i want to send a file to my servers and it’s can’t be accessed directly. So, it’s like:

My Computer -> Server A -> Server B -> Destination

I want to copy/transfer the file from my computer to the destination. But, The destination server can’t be accessed directly from my computer because of the firewall restriction rules. I have to go through server A and then go to server b so that I can transfer the file to the destination. Yeah, i know i can use SCP or something else. But, not a good way to transfer the file.

When i was in the middle of the briefing with the team, my boss told me that there is a website named file.io who can share a temporary file sharing.

You only have to upload the file to the file.io -> you got the link -> use the link to download on your destination server -> then the file is deleted in file.io -> you got the file on the destination. They said:

Simply upload a file, share the link, and after it is downloaded,
the file is completely deleted. For added security, set an expiration on the file and it is
deleted within a certain amount of time, even if it was never downloaded.

All files are encrypted when stored on our servers.

Or, if you are on CLI mode, you also can upload your file to file.io with this command:

$ curl -F "file=@/your/folder/file.txt" https://file.io
{"success":true,"key":"2ojE41","link":"https://file.io/2ojE41","expiry":"14 days"}
$ curl https://file.io/2ojE41
This is a test
$ curl https://file.io/2ojE41
{"success":false,"error":404,"message":"Not Found"}

That’s it. its simple! You can go to https://file.io. It’s really save my time, thank you for creating this.

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