openSUSE Asia Summit was over, i got many lesson from that event and I’m very happy and proud to be an openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 Local Team/Volunteer. Beside it, i got souvenir too :p, like openSUSE pin, Sticker, and USB Drive.


USB Stick from openSUSE Asia Summit

I am Indonesian people and Indonesia have an own Linux Distro based on Debian/Ubuntu, The name is BlankOn Linux. So, i will give you tutorial to Create USB Installer on Linux. I use BlankOn Linux for example ISO, because i will install BlankON Tambora on my laptop :-D.

I will create it by simple command, the command save my time :-D, you can run the following command :

dd if=/location/of/iso of=/location/of/flashdisk bs=512k

example :

dd if=/home/dhenandi/ISO/BlankOn-10.0-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=512k

And Voila! I can run BlankON installer Now from my openSUSE USB stick :-D.

Okay, Hope this help 😀

Dhenandi Putra

Hi, I'm dhenandi, Mac and openSUSE user. An office boy, typist, and man behind this blog. I also write on another blog in Bahasa Indonesia.


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