This is the fourth article about proxmox mail gateway on my blog. There are no other ways to says a big thanks to proxmo, except writing about proxmox and selling their commercial license.

By default, PMG UI uses https access to open the interface. But it only uses a self-signed certificate. so that, it will appear not secure error on your browser.

To prevent this, you can use the commercial SSL certificate. You need to order from the principal. Our company also sell SSL certificate, so if you need that, please give us touch on or you can see in our website We don’t only sell a certificate if you bought a certificate on our company you can get deployment support from us, on every apps.

Back to the main point, if you want to get trusted or green bar using your subdomain access on your PMG UI, you need to use SSL. You can get it on SSL principal.

After that, you will get crt file, key and ca file. But, proxmox using pem format, you need to convert it to pem format. Pem is concatenated certificate container files. it’s frequently required for certificate installations when multiple certificates are being imported as one file.

you just need to combine all of your certificate (key, pem, crt) to one file. like this:

(Your Private Key (domain.key)
(Your Primary SSL certificate: domain.crt)
(Your Intermediate certificate: commercial_ca.crt)
(Your Root certificate: root_ca.crt if needed)

Place it on /etc/pmg/pmg-api.pem

After that, restart pmgproxy.service:

systemctl restart pmgproxy.service

Finally, now you can access you PMG UI with you subdomain and green bar.

Interested to use Proxmox Mail Gateway Support & Subscriptions License?

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Indra · August 18, 2020 at 1:14 am

Awesome, thanks 🙏

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