Change Postmaster Address to Domain on Proxmox Mail Gateway

I have already explained one of PMG tips to reduce your spam email. yesterday, in my previous article. Read: Prevent Spam Email Using LDAP Verification on Proxmox Mail Gateway.

But, one of the weird things, i guess. The sender notification is from Look at this below picture:

Wrong Postmaster Sender

Because of it, your notification email can be tagged as spam by Gmail or another email servers. Because you didn’t have an SPF, DKIM and DMARC record for domain So, the first thing is, we need to change it.

There are two different things on PMG. Sender Notification for Quarantine Mail and Sender Notification for Mail Filter.

If you want to change Sender Notification for Quarantine Spam. Just navigate to Configuration | Spam Detector | Options. And change Email Administrator according to what you want.  For example

But, if you want to change notifications sender for Mail Filter or another report. It’s will check postfix configurations.

It’s will check sender configurations and your origin postfix configuration. If you check your origin configurations, the value is $myhostname.

# postconf | grep myorigin
append_at_myorigin = yes
myorigin = $myhostname

Because of it, your email notifications will be or, it should be or

How to change it? Proxmox Mail Gateway lock the configuration. You can’t edit directly your /etc/postfix/ It will be changed to default when you restart the services.

You need a template configuration for on /var/lib/pmg/templates/. Copy it to /etc/pmg/templates. But first, you need to create the directory.

mkdir -p /etc/pmg/templates
cp /var/lib/pmg/templates/* /etc/pmg/templates/

And you can add this configuration to /etc/pmg/templates/ And restart the services

echo 'myorigin = $mydomain' >> /etc/pmg/templates/
pmgconfig sync

Well done, after this step. You did it. Try to trigger a mail to make notifications.

Look at the sender email, you did it!

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  1. Hello,

    Could I change the From field name of Proxmox mail report

    origin: “Proxmox Mail Gateway” ;

    change to: ” My custom text” ;

    Thank you,

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