Easy Ways to Install Zimbra 8.7.6 or Above In CentOS 6

Indeed, installing Zimbra Mail Server is easy, you just need to install the dependencies, setup DNS, download the binary according to your operating system and follow the wizard instruction. However, if you often do it like my job, it will take a long time :-D. If it can be automated, why not? Okay, based on Mr. […]

Tips Zimbra: Migrating Zimbra While DNS Propagation Using HAProxy

Few Months ago, i got a job for migrating Zimbra Mail server location from Singapore Datacenter to Jakarta. Of course they have different public ip address. Migrating Zimbra server is running well. But i have a problem for slowly DNS Propagation and then i think i can solve it with a wonderful application, HAProxy. Topology […]

Tips Zimbra: Implementasi OpenPGP pada Zimbra Mail Server

Pada tutorial ini saya akan membahas bagaimana cara melakukan implementasi OpenPGP pada Zimbra Mail Server. Tutorial ini telah di ujicoba pada mesin Ubuntu 14.04 dan menggunakan Zimbra Versi 8.7.1. Ikhtisar OpenPGP berasal dari PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) yang merupakan sebuah alat yang dapat melakukan enkripsi pada email. Tujuan digunakannya tools OpenPGP ini adalah untuk memastikan […]

Tips Zimbra: Migrating Zimbra With HashBackup

This tutorial will show you how to migrating your zimbra servers into new server with HashBackup. This tutorial have been tested with Zimbra 8.7.1. HashBackup is the unique tool, for me. This is amazing tools. Your data will be compressed and encrypted and it’s secure because prevent anyone to open your data. Beside it, i […]

Integrating Zimbra 8.7 with Mailman on Ubuntu

Preamble Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb ..  I got a job to migrating from Zimbra 8.6 to 8.7, and they are using Mailman as a Mailing List System. This guidance refer to my senior guidance https://imanudin.net/2015/12/26/how-to-integrating-zimbra-with-mailman-on-centos/. But, there are some different configuration in Zimbra 8.7. Let’s begin : Information So, i use this configuration : OS : […]

How To Change Zimbra Touch Client Login Logo’s

Yesterday, i got a project in one of the ministry of Indonesia. The project is to develop their email server’s. They using Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition with multi server scheme, i have been change their webmail logo but they complaint about mobile phone appearance because their email server still using zimbra logo. I think […]