In the previous article, i have already explained how to automatically start the stopped cbpolicyd services using Monit. In this article, i will also use monit to monitor zimbra services. The next is how to automatically start zmconfigd services.

Every morning, i always get notifications that zimbra zmconfigd always stopped. Then, when i check it, the service is run again. But its annoying. Sometimes it’s not run. I have to start it manually.

So, i also use monit to monitor zmconfigd service. Here it is.

  1. For installation, you can check my previous article on first paragraph. use apt install monitor yum install monit.
  2. Then create a file on /etc/monit/conf-available/
vi /etc/monit/conf-available/zmconfigd

check file zmconfigd with path /opt/zimbra/log/
group zimbra
start program = "/opt/zimbra/bin/zmconfigdctl start"
as uid zimbra and gid zimbra
stop program = "/opt/zimbra/bin/zmconfigdctl stop"
as uid zimbra and gid zimbra
restart program = "/opt/zimbra/bin/zmconfigdctl restart"
as uid zimbra and gid zimbra

Then, make a symlink for monit configuration.

ln -s /etc/monit/conf-available/zmconfigd /etc/monit/conf-enabled/

Start Monit Services.

systemctl restart monit

Now you can tail monit log on /var/log/monit.log

[WIB Nov 15 11:12:37] error    : 'zmconfigd' file doesn't exist
[WIB Nov 15 11:12:37] info : 'zmconfigd' trying to restart
[WIB Nov 15 11:12:37] info : 'zmconfigd' restart: /opt/zimbra/bin/zmconfigdctl
[WIB Nov 15 11:12:59] info : 'zmconfigd' file exists

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