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Cycling is one of the most enjoyable sports for me, because i’ve been cycling since i was elementary school. Various ypes of bike I’ve tried. Mini bikes, BMX, mountain bikes, etc. Until now i use Fixie as my favorite bike.

Almost 2 years i am using a Fixie bike and since then i’m falling in love with them. In Indonesia, Fixie was a temporary bike. When Fixie booming in Indonesia, many people use them and when they are bored, they change to a new various of bike like BMX, Folding Bike, etc. However, behind all that. I’ve any reason to keep using Fixie as my favorite bike, check this out :

1. Easier Maintenace


In my opinion, if compared with the other bike. Fixie maintenance much easier, because it does’nt use too many spare parts when compared to other bikes like roadbike or MTB that requiring brake, gear sprocket / cassette, brake lever, etc.

Fixie designed without brakes, single speed with doltrap and just it. They use their feet to holding the pedals with a straps or toeclips, and the tools just 15 inch wrench for Wheelset, and L wrench.

2. Eco-Friendly

Of course, cycling is eco friendly activities. Not only Fixie, all bikes so. But better than to using motor vehicles,  cause their exhaust fumes can effecting a environtment pollution. There is no harm using bicycle to reduce pollution  for the better world.

3. Be More Careful


source : http://twistedhindz.tumblr.com/

Fixed Gear, Steel Frame, No Brakes – Wilee says at Premium Rush Film.  Because fixie designed without breake, I became more cautious, my feeing become stronger. because we should be able to specify the ideal distance to curb pedal so as not to avoid collide.

4. Leg Muscles


Source : http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/detail-shot-of-the-legs-of-robert-forstemann-of-germany-news-photo/149855561

To stop fixie, you have to hold the pedal, and pull if using toeclips. Circumstantially, your leg brawn will be trained. If you trackbike fans, Who doesn’t know Robert Forstemann. German track cyclist specialising in the sprint disciplines and world champion in team sprint in 2010. I will not explain it at here. You can search him on google 😀

5. Cost Effective


This point related with first point, Fixie doesn’t use too many spareparts, so it’s not spend a lot of your money. However, there are some expensive spare parts. But you can still use a simple spare part provided that can be used to get around.

6. Looks Cool


Inspired from premium rush movie. I’m exicted when there are courier using fixie bike, looks cool when he pulls the pedals. Whatever, I like them 😀

7. Fixie are a Fast Bike


Fixie is a metropolitan bike, Fixie used by the courier in the United States, the UK, etc. He can get through the traffic jam, and i use them when i’m working, faster than using a motorcycle.

I would not say that fixie is the best bike, this is just my opinion, all must have had a taste of each. So, tell me how about you with your bike in the comments field.

Finally, there is a good quotes from Einstein :

Life is like riding bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, you Keep Moving – Albert Einstein

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Dodi · May 22, 2016 at 4:42 pm

Anjaaay manteep doy

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